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We recognize that your child will be learning from our staff and from one another just as if they were at home. We strongly believe that good manners, common courtesy, and consideration for others will serve a child well throughout the course of their life. We strive to practice those virtues at all times within our center. We will try to encourage your child toward compassion by being compassionate ourselves.

At Babes on the Square we take pride in our dedication to education. We feel we have the dual responsibility of creating a safe environment to care for your child while you are working, but also to provide a solid foundation in their education preparing your child for their next school. Since your child spends the majority of their day with us we need to assist you, the parent, in encouraging and fostering learning from the earliest years.

Babes on the Square uses a sound comprehensive curriculum that guides the design of children’s goals for learning and development, the experiences children will have to achieve these goals and the way in which adults, both families  and staff, will support children’s learning to achieve lifelong success. Our curriculum is evidence-based and provides our early childhood professionals with a frame work that helps ensure our children have standard-based, fun and  challenging experiences that are developmentally, linguistically and culturally appropriate for the individual child.

The daily schedule, which is posted individually for each classroom, includes time for group and individual learning, centers, outdoor play, quiet play, breakfast, lunch and p.m. snack, rest time, teacher directed and child directed play. The environment encourages sensory motor development and enhances the child's own natural abilities. Some activities are designed to help the child learn how to care for him/herself and his/her environment. The curriculum is designed to meet each child's individual needs. Each child is allowed to advance logically from one concept to the next at his/her own rate and at his/her own time.

Each classroom at Babes on the Square operates under a flexible schedule based on themes or core topics to be covered during the year. We welcome any information from your family that you would like to share regarding native languages, cultural foods, clothing, music, etc. that can extend our curriculum. Please see your child's teacher if you are able to contribute! The lesson plans encompass the developmental needs of each child in the class. Please take a few minutes to review the information the teachers are sending home.

Babes on the Square provides specials to enhance the curriculum.  The children in the toddler classes have a weekly Jump N Fun class, and the children in the preschool classes have a weekly Spanish class. We also provide the opportunity for parents to enroll their child in a soccer class (fall & spring). These specials are for children 2 years and older. Our program also includes field trips (preschool only) and in-house visitors throughout the school year to further enhance our program.


Your Child's day to day progress is recored on Kid Reports. If Kid Reports is not working , a daily sheet will be sent home.