1411 Foulk Road
FoulkStone Plaza
Wilmington, DE  19803

Babes on the Square was designed for the children who will be spending much of their parent's work week with us. We understand that it isn't always easy for small children to be away from their homes and the comforts that their families provide. Our staff is dedicated to the concept that each child be made to feel an important and vital part of our family.

Community Events

Parent Advisory Board Meeting
Next meeting is Thursday, May 4, 2019

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Upcoming Important Dates



Upper Camp


8/2 Local Author: Doreen Rathmull Visits 

8/5 Jump N' Fun

8/6 BikeDay 

8/8 Can Do Playground Trip

8/9 Water Day

8/12 Jump N' Fun

8/14 Silly Joe Performs

8/16 Water Day 

8/19 Jump N' Fun

8/20 Wilmington Western Railroad Trip

8/23 Chef Jim's BBQ Day, Water Day 

8/26 Jump N' Fun

8/27 Bike Day

8/28 Picnic Snack

8/29 Segal Puppet Show 

8/30 Water Day 




Lower Camp


8/2 Local Author: Doreen Rathmull Visits 

8/5 Jump N' Fun

8/7 GYmboree and Water Day

8/8 Bike Day

8/12 Jump N' Fun

8/13 Picnic Snack

8/14 Silly Joe Performs, Gymboree, Water Day

8/19 Jump N' Fun

8/21 Gymboree and Water Day

8/22 Bike Day

8/23 Chef Jim's BBQ Day

8/26 Jump N' Fun

8/27 Picnic Snack

8/28 Gymboree and Water Day

8/29 Segal Puppet Show








As a way to target the problem of lost belongings and a large lost and found closet, Babes on the Square Too is fundraising with Name Bubbles - personalized labels that are durable, dishwasher and laundry safe, and waterproof. When you shop with Name Bubbles and use promo code BST15, 20% of your label order will be donated to
Babes on the Square!